Local communities ethnic minorities, culture conservation and economic development:

Culture is in the essence of the human existence. Helping conserve the world’s different cultures, languages and traditions is our responsibility, especially those that have a biggest risk of disappearing because of the size of their populations, because of their lack of resources, because they live in remote areas or because they have been affected by human or natural action.

Helping underprivileged people find opportunities for growth and giving them hope should be one of our top priorities and there are several ways to contribute that allows them benefit from globalization, tourism and technology

We believe tourists and international consumers would enjoy enormously the amazing handcrafted, natural, high quality and unique priceless products created by local communities with ethnic minorities and, by buying them, they would generate long lasting jobs, opportunities and hope to generate economic development while helping conserve and spread cultures that can teach us so much and have so many things to share with us but that unfortunately are now invisible and disappearing.

Your organization allows around 200 million people to generate billions of transactions every year generating growth and making possible the exchange of goods, services and experiences. It is an incredible force for change and shapes the world with the fundamental trait of the economy, the exchange of goods and services between people all over the world

We believe it is in Your organizations nature to foster the sale of goods created in underdeveloped areas, by underprivileged people that are incredible artists, designers, engineers, artisans and creators of uniquely beautiful priceless products.