World Influencer Alliance

The World Influencer Alliance is an international organization composed by influential figures in politics, business and
communication willing to work together to improve the state of the world. Through its activities, campaigns and projects, the WIA focuses in finding and applying concrete solutions to problems in healthcare, poverty, environment and gender inequality through for profit social impact projects, education and innovation. Founded in 2018 in Madrid, Spain, WIA aims to implement a social impact driven model where the main purpose of the
economic activity is to improve the state of the world and companies and individuals benefit directly from solving problems. With a public – private – social collaboration approach, WIA breaks down global problems into solvable tasks, and provides economic rewards and social recognitions to the people or organizations that complete the task within its specific requirements. Fueled by the desire of millions of people to participate actively in making the world a better place, the for-profit approach guarantees the sustainability of the mode