Music is the language that unites us all, enhances our soul and connects cultures and people all over the world.
Audio branding is becoming more and more important due to the new disruptive technologies including voice search.
Your organization has been a pioneer in implementing an audio brand that will be followed by brands and institutions all over the world.

In order to keep communicating the Your organization audio brand, to connect Your organization Audio Brand with social impact, to spread the message of social impact tourism and the efforts of Your organization in initiatives like doing well by doing good, we want to create a song for the current campaign and a music video to drive millions of views and reach a wider and more engaged audience.

The song will be based in the Your organization Audio Brand melodies and guidelines.
The song will include sounds from different cultures and instruments that represent ethnicities and destinations from all over the world.

The song will have a very positive message, including a clear call to action, awareness and a solid statement that resonates with Your organization clients all over the world and helps them realize the importance of empathy, caring, taking care of each other, mutual understanding, tolerance, fight against racism, the beauty of tourism, travelling and our role in social impact.

The song will include key messages and words that are important for Your organization, that can include “priceless” and other elements.