Research, analysis and bespoke strategy creation to optimize your organization´s positive impact in the World. Define the most effective action plan to fulfill its purpose and highest potential with a for profit social impact focus


  1. Why does your organization need to expand its social and environmental impact? 
  2. Benefits of creating an impact 
  3. Consequences of failing to address social and environmental demands
  4. How to achieve for profit social impact
  5. Impact KPIS
  6. Corporate best practices, case studies and project examples
  7. Volunteer days optimization, an innovative model to expand the reach and results of volunteer days in organizations matching key problems with the right talent 
  8. Opportunities on social entrepreneurship
  9. What kind of initiatives can we launch? 
  10. How can we develop new initiatives that improve our current contribution to society? 
  11. Organizational challenges 
  12. Top impact events
  13. Top institutions and organizations to partner with 
  14. Impact communication: Best strategies, communication campaigns, channels and ideas 
  15. Communication crisis and fails, mistakes to avoid 
  16. Communication strategy definition 
  17. Rewards for impact creators: Empowering employees and stakeholders 
  18. NGOs and projects to join 
  19. How to maximize the impact of your Foundation 
  20. How to structure your organization to maximize impact 
  21. Keys to align your business strategy with your impact strategy 
  22. CSR / Sustainability / Impact, what are the right terms?
  23. How to leverage the power of crowdsourcing
  24. Corporate collaboration for good 
  25. Public – Private collaboration for good 
  26. Leverage the power of Technology for good
  27. How to leverage the power of startup competitions, hackathons, events and awards 
  28. How to create an Impact club that serves your business and activates your clients to be a part of the solution, empowering users, customers and stakeholders  
  29. How can we unify different initiatives into a comprehensive umbrella project that maximizes efficiency and results 
  30. Best solutions to meet environmental regulations
  31. Best providers of products and services to help your organization meet regulation requirements to meet regulations
  32. Best models for maximizing impact