tourism for good concept development and advocacy

The goal of the initiative is to promote the concept of doing well by good in the tourism sector to benefit local communities, social entrepreneurs and small business owners through authentic experiences that generate economic transactions that can help with the SDG1 of poverty reduction.

Citizens all over the world become more and more socially responsible and demand higher levels of commitment to brands and corporations. We live in an impact revolution where companies that are not able to bridge their business with positive contributions to the environment and society are starting to pay the price.

As global tourism expands, there is a great opportunity to lead the Tourism for Good movement, where business has a deeper meaning and purpose, where the Tourism industry allows every traveller to not only live life changing experiences, but to also be part of something bigger. Every tourist has the capacity of providing an enormous value to society. The different actors in the tourism sector have the responsibility of creating the infrastructure and provide the tools so their clients can effectively use their trips to provide value to the world.

It is our duty to explore new ways of using our resources to generate the maximum possible positive impact to thrive in the new world, becoming a platform, an enabler, a bridge between the tourists and the needs is the greatest opportunity to not only survive, but to lead the new era of impact economy.

Tourism and social impact

Tourism allows 1 billion travellers connect with amazing destinations every year. Tourists can connect, engage, exchange and mutually benefit from the experience of discovering the world, enriching their souls, understanding new cultures, enjoying and connecting with people that have so much to share and thrive personally and professionally

Tourism has demonstrated that it is a very important wealth creator, accounting for 10 percent of global GDP and, in some economies, even higher than that.

In Tourism destinations wealth is not always equally distributed across the different regions, and in some countries some areas remain extremely poor even when they have hidden treasures to share with tourists

Globalisation and tourism can be forces for good by enabling tourists to be part of the solution of some of the challenges we all face together

One of the most powerful traits of globalisation and tourism is that it has allowed billions of people to connect in a way never seen before, to connect, to explore beyond our own way of thinking, to exchange with people of other races, religions, to express ourselves, sing, dance, eat and collaborate without limits and frontiers.