Top 100 solutions for a better education. Education innovation best practices and ideas to improve the education system

The World Impact Alliance team and the Education Commission of the WIA Network are currently working on a solution compilation for environmental issues.

The top 100 solutions for Education document includes practical solutions that can be implemented by Institutions, companies and individuals to:

  1. Share education innovation ideas with education organizations, schools, universities, business schools and education departments of regional, national or multilateral institutions to expand the effect of innovative ideas that can improve education
  2. Inform all kinds of actors of what can be done to solve problems and improve the current situation
  3. Give practical tools to face challenges
  4. Promote best practices from Governments, companies and other actors to multiply its effect
  5. Connect solution providers with relevant organizations that can further develop and implement them
  6. Provide a clear set of solutions that already exist but may not be so well known
  7. Facilitate the connection between different ideas and solutions
  8. Give clear solution implementation procedures so more organizations can actually benefit and generate impact from the already existing solutions

If you want to participate in the curation of solutions, you want to submit your own solutions, best practices or ideas you have found and consider interesting, contact us and join our common effort.