WIA Social impact  ambassadors

Globally recognized, admired and respected politicians, founders, executives, celebrities and individuals that use their voice to help spread the vision and mission of the World Influencer Alliance.

WIA Network contributors

Influential figures in politics, business, communication and social impact willing to use part of their resources, power, influence, knowledge, organizations, voice, image, time and effort to improve the state of the world. A network of amazing individuals with different views and backgrounds that contribute and connect to be a part of the solution.

WIA social impact volunteers

Individuals that want to voluntarily participate in WIA projects and activities to provide value with their ideas, skills, time and efforts.

wia social impact content creators

Passionate Journalists, communicators and content creators that help create and spread social impact content in written text, graphic design, audio or video format, contributing to WIA Social Impact Media and Social Impact TV, focused entirely on information that can help to improve the state of the world.