Expand the influence of your brand´s communication and social projects by allowing users to be an active part of the campaigns and actually doing something that can generate value to society and the environment. Use the power of social challenges and the viral effect of user generated content based on clear and interesting actions.

Social Media Challenges are an extraordinary tool to generate a positive change. Thanks to the global reach of social media platforms, millions of people participate actively in all kinds of challenges generating billions of impacts engaging audiences to act. Challenges are effective because they appeal to some key aspects of the human psychology, where you have to demonstrate that you are able or you dare to do something to prove yourself and prove others, to feel part of a bigger community, to express ideas, as a personal accomplishment or simply to have fun.

We have an opportunity like never before to generate change by creating positive social media challenges that require participants to act in a way that can help to make the world a better place.

In order to succeed, challenges have to be simple, clear, and relatively difficult but not too hard. We consider social media challenges such a powerful tool for social impact and brand promotion that we always look for ways to include challenges and contests in our campaigns so we can interact massively with our audience and, together, work towards a better future.


Call to action to make sure all the reach and generated impacts actually serve to influence others to move in a positive direction Actions such as cleaning something Nominations to other people to help spread the movement n Messages to communicate A characteristic music Dance moves Skills of any type Viral Effect