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➢Improve X Consulting: Improve your organization, Improve the world
🔸Exponential Improvement to maximize growth, impact, and resource optimization for public and private organizations

🔸WIA Improve X Consulting helps large companies and institutions to maximize positive impact while achieving their business or public service goals, supporting their mission through our strategic impact models and our proprietary stakeholder value optimization framework

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🔺𝗙𝗼𝗰𝘂𝘀: Improve organizations to improve lives and improve the world

🔺𝐈𝐧 𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐭: Improve X works for large public and private organizations, helping them achieve their goals and expand the positive effect they generate in society and the environment by optimally leveraging their human, economic and technological resources

🔺WIA Improve X has a network of +1000 experts and leaders from 150 countries to design, curate, advocate for and implement scalable solutions for the UNSDGs


Improve X Consulting is a leading provider of strategic innovation, technology and communication consulting services. We help clients maximize growth, impact and resource optimization.

  1. Improve X Consulting offers unparalleled expertise and experience in the field of international relations, communications and social impact innovation consulting.
  2. WIA can help public and private organizations to develop their work, achieve their objectives, add value to their main stakeholders, and optimize the use of their resources.
  3. WIA seeks to generate the greatest possible social impact through its services in areas such as diplomatic relations, economic collaboration and educational, cultural and tourism development.
  4. Improvet X Consulting is committed to providing clients with world-class service that meets or exceeds all expectations

🔺Improve X and its founding team have worked for over  130 leading organizations from the public and private sector for over 10 years including Radisson Hotel Group, L´Oreal, Alibaba, PWC, Huawei, Tiktok, LaLiga, Real Madrid, Dior, Chanel, Tencent, Coca-Cola, Aena, Iberia, Correos, Kiehl’s,, Value Retail, Governments of Spain, Perú, México, Egypt, Portugal, China, Liberia and EU.

WIA STRATEGIC ADVISORY: Based on our Innovative Strategic Optimization System, our more than 500 Impact Innovation Models, our in-depth analysis, and the cumulative recommendations, suggestions, opportunities, and challenges that emerged from our training, coaching, and team-building actions, we provide Strategic Advisory to your organization with the goal of helping you maximize value for all stakeholders, create further growth, expand positive contributions to society, fi nd new opportunities and advance in your mission.

WIA SERVICES SUITE: After determining improvement gaps, opportunities for growth, resource optimization, communication, innovation, and partnership building, your organization will be able to access the complete Services Suite from WIA Consulting, becoming an external team to support your strategic projects, provide value to your teams, help solve issues, expand the business and achieve greater results.

PROJECT DEVELOPMENT: Helping your organization to ideate, execute or advance special projects, concrete initiatives, and programs with clear action plans, KPIs, project management strategy, and budget allocation optimization based on all the knowledge and experience working with your organization and other companies and institutions similar to yours and leveraging our impact innovation models, partners, and expert network to successfully execute strategic projects. a. Coaching: with our Improve Experts, Individual Development Operating System, the WIA Exponential Development Framework, and the “Employee Strategy Co-creation Model” for employee engagement, participation, and discovery of hidden opportunities and problems within the organization.


We help you: 

Reduce uncertainty

Maximize participation and engagement

Ask the right questions

Find the true potential of your organization

Find the most adequate technologies and innovations to support the organization’s goals

Define the strategy to utilize effectively technology within the organization

Find and select the most advanced developments in technology and innovations across all sectors

Assist organizations to implement new technologies in an effective way

Reduce cost, maximize profit, limit risks, scale impact, favour sustainable growth and enhance operations through technology and innovation

Solve strategic problems through our innovation framework and problem solving models

Detect trends, prepare for disruptive change, adapt to transformation in the environment and make the right decisions to, not only survive but, thrive in a world of change

Why us? 

Worked for more than 100 large companies and institutions across 15 different industries 

Executive network of consultants and experts in all sectors and more than 140 countries 

Designed and successfully developed public – private collaboration projects 

Launched large international communication campaigns 

Successfully delivered more than 100 different services and types of tasks for clients 

More than 10 years of experience 

Developed proprietary performance optimization, integration, resource allocation, growth, stakeholder value maximization models and frameworks to help our clients 

We set ambitious goals. Most times we underestimate what effective strategy and collaboration can help us achieve in the long term

We maximize value for all your stakeholders, helping achieve business results, supporting the goals of shareholders, leadership, employees, customers, partners and society as a whole

Make the most out of your human, immaterial and material resources to achieve your goals 

Potential fulfillment model

Potential Gap Minimization through combinatorial models



Our consulting services suite is designed to improve your organization and maximize growth and impact. We work with you to assess your needs and develop a customized plan to help you achieve your goals. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to provide the support you need to reach your full potential.

  • 1. Completely bespoke services based on your needs, problems, goals, and stakeholder expectations
  • 2. A pack that includes a fully integrated service
  • 3. With the freedom and flexibility of having us as an external provider
  • 4. But with the commitment and service depth of an entire team within your organization
  • 5. A pack that includes more than 20 deliverables and helps improve priority KPIS for your organization and the departments involved
  • 6. A pack that includes support in any area where you may need our assistance and where we have the expertise to provide value
  • 7. A pack that has a minimum set of actions and requirements
  • 8. But that is flexible and adaptable to the ever-changing reality of your organization
  • 9. A pack that can be delivered to one or several departments, in one or several markets, in one or several services simultaneously
  • 10. That can be used at your discretion
  • 11. That guarantees value creation, innovation, strategic recommendations, key information, relevant connections, business opportunities, impact strategies, communication opportunities, and the discovery of new applications of emerging technologies that can be key to your business
  • 12. A pack that is designed to cover needs you may not be aware of
  • 13. A pack to help unveil potential opportunities, prevent future risks, solve new problems, leverage better your resources, and support your mission in different ways
  • 14. A pack that gives you access to services from a network of 1000 experts in 150 countries across different disciplines
  • 15. That gives you full support to expand business, brand, impact, reduce cost, and achieve the goals of your stakeholders, your leadership, and teams
  • 16. A pack that connects the dots between different products, services, departments, and resources. That provides vision, strategy, and execution. That supports where and when needed.
  • 17. We know you will find value in the different services. And we know the best way to help you is to provide value with your priorities.
  • 18. We want to serve you. We will help you as much as we can, every time you need, with anything we can do.

Available Services

WIA Elevate (Coaching and speaking services) • Coaching services WIA Speaking services • Communication services • Strategy • Goals and metrics • Why, what, how to who we communicate Target segmentation • Brand strategy • Owned and external media strategy • On and offline strategy • Reputation Crisis Management and prevention • Branding • Communication Branding & rebranding Naming • Logo • Copywriting • Graphic Design Website Audiobranding • Marketing Services • Social Media management and challenges Media communications • Influencer marketing • Celebrity seeding, endorsement and promotion Social Listening • Challenges • Event organization: Design and productions of extraordinary events • Advertising and media planning • Video creation, editing, planning, production and promotion Audio Branding, music creation, music videos and concerts Social listening and user participation – social wall Opportunity marketing • Other communication channels and activities • Campaign Development • 360 Campaigns Creativity Strategy Planning Promotion Reporting • Human Affairs, International Relations and Expansion • International Expansion Strategy Target Markets definition Market entry strategy • Intercultural relations and Cultural Adaptation Market intelligence • International Client growth strategy International Potential partners • Local and foreign competition Product localization • Local HR and Service Provision Brand adaptation • Localized Marketing • Public Affairs for Impact and Development • Reform program advisory • Reform Advocacy • Research relevant policies • Key policy makers • Contact generation and collaboration • Corporate & Institutional Relations • Corporate relations strategy • Government and institutional relations strategy Partnership Opportunities • Network nurturing and expansion • Partner, client, provider relations communication services Public Relations Services • Public Relations Strategy • Who, why, how and when to contact • Network expansion • Client expansión • Human Resources and Employer branding • Event and communication audiences • Education consulting • Education Innovation for Businesses & Companies HR Training Optimisation Consulting • New recruits training • Reskilling for employee repositioning • Content and skills updates and upgrades New Skill development system • Organization Development Operative System HR training optimisation • New recruits training • Reskilling for repositioning of employees • Content and skills update • Content and skills upgrades • New Skill development through Online and offline delivery • Impact and CSR Consulting • Impact maximization for leadership and teams • Social Impact innovation consulting and CSR consultancy for maximizing global positive impact for sponsor • Global Communication CSR and Social Impact strategy definition


  • 1. Our consulting methodology uses 40 different canvases, design thinking, and maximization frameworks
  • 2. A clear vision of an optimized strategy 3. 100 different potential lines of action
  • 4. 10 optimal paths toward Organization’s goals
  • 5. 1 recommended optimal solution
  • 6. 100 potential applications of technologies, innovations, and models
  • 7. Strategic Information of top competitors
  • 8. Strategic information from other sectors
  • 9. Strategic information from other markets
  • 10. Cross-sector reference opportunities
  • 11. Cross department reference opportunities
  • 12. Innovative business models
  • 13. New Technologies application opportunities
  • 14. Canvas and matrixes and templates
  • 15. Recommended tools and provider’s landscape


  1. 1. Research and benchmarking of the state of the world, problems and opportunities regarding your activity, category, sector, competition, and organization
  2. 2. Strategic Consulting Recommendations
  3. 3. Strategy recommendations for Innovation and technology
  4. 4. Strategy recommendations for International, corporate, and public affairs
  5. 5. Strategy recommendations for Branding and marketing
  6. 6. Strategy recommendations for CSR and Social Impact
  7. 7. Strategy for effective Training and onboarding
  8. 8. Strategic canvas, design thinking models, templates, innovation frameworks
  9. 9. Combinatorial strategy definition and problem-solving framework
  10. 10. WIA Curated resources and tools


X Taskforce

Outsourcing optimization management service. Every team has its strengths, but also its limitations. The optimal task force for a given project is, necessarily, a combination between internal and external resources. WIA Optimal Taskforce helps companies and institutions to find the optimal balance between internal and external taskforces for any of its divisions, products or projects.

Optimal Taskforce Outsourcing optimization management service and methodology includes:

  • 1) Default team assigned to the task by the organization
  • 2) Potential support and participation in the task by other employees 3) Participation of members of the extended network of stakeholders of the organization
  • 4) Service by WIA Consulting team
  • 5) Service by WIA Network of high level experts from 150 countries working in top public and private organizations accross multiple industries, with an extraordinary experience, capacity and strategic vision
  • 6) Freelance management: Leveraging top qualified specialists in multiple tasks, managing the screening, negotiation, briefing, revision, correction and integration processes, guaranteeing quality results, multiple versions and project centralization to receive all the benefits of the potential value from independent professionals, with extremely reduced budgets, and without all the work, delays, quality issues and organization problems
  • 7) Outsourcing management: Helping you find valuable, trustworthy, experienced and specialist providers to support your initiatives. We provide a virtually unlimited amount of options, help you connect with, brief, negotiate with and manage outsouricng companies to cover the areas where it is best to have an external company
  • 8) Automation: We help find and design systems to automate repetitive tasks and optimize your workflow to save time, costs and the problems associated to complex processes that are not optimized. We use available tools to connect dots to create a massive difference for the results of your organization allowing your employees to focus on higher value added tasks
  • 9) Technology leverage: We assess all the most relevant new technologies, the functionalities and applications that can better improve your organization, its production capacity, sales, marketing and the work of other departments. We are constantly analyzing new software and hardware that can help your organization achieve greater goals in a more effective way. We design unique applications and specific workflows, and help with the implementation of the recommended solutions with the technological providers to facilitate the process.
  • 10) Resource assessment: Define the combined operational, human, technological and economic resources at our disposal to address a specific challenge or project.

Our resource assessments include, not only the traditional areas or default teams, but, also, extended networks and external resources to find all the resources that can be leveraged for the implementation of new projects, reducing costs, expanding reach, improving results, achieving more ambitious goals in a fraction of the time with less effort, barriers and challenges.

The combined internal and external capacity, network of contacts, solutions and opportunities unleashed thanks to our optimal taskforce service can have such a dramatic positive effect in your organization, exploring the potential improvements, savings and business expansion possibilities has an unimaginable set of benefits, no risk at all, and virtually no cost in time and money.

  1.  Goals:

    1. Find the most adequate technologies and innovations to support the organization’s goals
    2. Define the strategy to utilize effectively technology within the organization
    3. Find and select the most advanced developments in technology and innovations across all sectors
    4. Assist organizations to implement new technologies in an effective way
    5. Reduce cost, maximize profit, limit risks, scale impact, favour sustainable growth and enhance operations through technology and innovation
    6. Solve strategic problems through our innovation framework and problem solving models
    7. Detect trends, prepare for disruptive change, adapt to transformation in the environment and make the right decisions tonot only survive but thrive in a world of change
    8. Change management consulting
    9. Innovation consulting
    10. Transform your organization before the market transformation harms you
    11. Train your leadership and teams to master nnovation, develop an expansive creative organization with exponential development collaboration frameworks
    12. Build capacities to create change and adapt to transformation faster
    13. Learn how to innovate with the WIA Combinatorial Innovation frameworrk and our exponential problem solving methodology
    14. Access to ther top 100 most relevant innovations, best practices, management techniques, innovative models, technologies and strategies to maximize results and positive impact
    15. Build an innovation division that is able to leverage every new technology and eliminate constant fear of losing to new and old competitors for their technological superiority based on lack of vision
    16. Use our simulation strategies and scenario planning to control management direction
    17. Prevent and prepare for crisis and future risks
    18. Deploy innovation skills and change mastery to all your teams
    19. Liquid Human Resources Model through advanced transformational skills that allow your organization to shift rapidly to new products, services, sectors and business models
    20. Liquid strategy and unique positioning to win in the new markets without losing historic prominence and value
    21. Find the optimal team to develop each project based on the skills and capabilities of your employees
    22. Enhance internal communication, cross department collaboration, internal intelligence sharing, culture unification, foster engagement, participation, sense fo meaning and the feeling of relevance of your employees by defining teams in a fluid way that connects teams for each project and each task to optimize resource allocation
    23. Hire the talent that will help you with your present and future needs, and train your teams to be able to forego any crisis or transformational challenge
    24. Substitute experience and academic background hiring to Skill based hiring, making sure that the new generation of leaders and team members are able to provide solutions and generate value under changing circumstances. In a world where accelerating change is the only constant, experience must not be the main value, an environment where all information is available, knowledge and exams cannot be the most determinant factor to guarantee the suitability of a candidate to become the asset we need to achieve our organization’s aspirations
    25. Have constant updates on the actions of your competitors, best practices on technology and innovation from other organizations that can be utilized for your orgnization´s purposes

 Diverge to converge methodology

Innovation and management are two essential elements of any successful business. However, they often exist in separate silos, with innovation happening in the R&D department and management happening in the executive suite. The diverge to converge framework is a way of bringing these two elements together by encouraging creativity and collaboration between different departments. The first step is to allow for divergence, or creativity, by encouraging employees to come up with new ideas and solutions. This can be done through brainstorming sessions, hackathons, or other means. Once a pool of ideas has been generated, the second step is to converge on the best solution. This involves evaluating the different options and selecting the one that will have the biggest impact. By bringing innovation and management together, businesses can more effectively solve problems and create new opportunities.

Finally, the implementation phase ensures that the chosen ideas are successfully implemented. Throughout each phase, the framework provides guidance on how to best manage resources, assess risks, and communicate progress. As a result, the Diverge to Converge Innovation and Management Framework is an invaluable tool for any organization seeking to improve its innovation management process.