WIA is a private initiative that brings together companies, institutions and remarkable individuals from more than 130 countries to find and apply specific solutions for problems in healthcare, environment, poverty, human rights and education through innovation, political reform, international cooperation and social action.

WIA is an action organization that provides solutions and impact maximization models for all kinds of organizations, and develops projects with clear action plans to improve the situation in a measurable way through its executive network of multidisciplinar leaders and changemakers that includes politicians, businesspeople, researchers, journalists, celebrities, digital influencers, cooperators, doctors, engineers and social entrepreneurs from more than 130 different countries structured in commissions of experts in innovation, healthcare, public sector, environment, education, poverty and human rights.

Through a public – private – social collaboration approach, innovative solution models, best practices, projects and campaigns, the World Innovation Alliance is determined to create and implement results oriented measures that can maximize the positive impact we generate in society and the environment while benefiting all stakeholders.


  • Public – Private – Social collaboration.
  • For profit Social Impact – Doing Well by Doing Good.
  • Finding, applying, scaling and promoting existing solutions.
  • The power of education to avoid and solve our biggest current and future challenges.
  • The positive effects of Impact investing.
  • Focusing in priority problems first and avoiding duplicity of work.
  • Breaking down big challenges into smaller solvable tasks.
  • Allowing everyone to be a part of the solution based on capacity.
  • The importance of providing a clear sense of what can be done and giving economic or social rewards to those who contribute.
  • Results oriented impact strategies.
  • Corporate Responsibility is vital to a company’s strategy and positive for business.
  • Our capacity of generating a bigger impact if we work together and we have an effective strategy.
  • Impact advocacy based on best practices and successful case studies.
  • The importance of communication.
  • The power of crowdsourcing tasks.
  • The use of technology and the internet to solve global problems.


Action: Developing impact projects for and with top companies and institutions

Communication: Launching global communication and advocacy campaigns with clear calls to action

Consultancy: through social impact consulting, advocacy and best practice promotion

Collaboration: Connecting organizations and influential figures to collaborate in impact initiatives

Impact investing: Connecting solutions and projects to potential investors that can scale the actual impact

WIA Members and Partners

Int. organizations and GoVERNMENTS

brands and Corporations

media, celebrities and influencers


Join WIA and maximize your impact

Help solving problems in an effective and pragmatic way

Huge international exposure with media, celebrities and influencers promoting projects, brands and government actions

Global institutional support: International organizations, governments, foundations and NGOs

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy, Development and Communication

Access to a network of top influential figures in politics, companies and entertainment

Participate in real solutions for priority problems and gain social recognition, brand positioning or political support

TOP 500 influencers for a better world annual list and recognitions

WIA Activities, events, publications and international cooperation projects

Public private problem solution crowdsourcing model development inside of your organization

Social impact consultancy: How to make money and make the world a better place at the same time

Focused in the most important problems


Help solving the World´s biggest problems one task at a time through innovation, cooperation, political reform and social action.

The world faces many challenges and there are many problems that will take decades to solve. But, just like many injustices are now a thing of the past, many of the problems we are dealing with nowadays can be solved.

We believe that, with the right strategy and including society in the public private collaboration equation, we can improve millions of people´s lives, advance faster, reduce our negative impact and provide more positive contributions to the environment and humanity.