The World Innovation Alliance is a social impact innovation network, strategic consultancy, and project incubator to  help companies, governments, and individuals to maximize growth and their contributions to society. An international, multidisciplinary, intercultural, and cross-generational initiative with 1000 experts, youths, and social entrepreneurs from 150 countries to improve and expand access to education, health, and economic development through technology, tourism, upskilling, policy, and multi-stakeholder collaboration. 

WIA has developed more than 500 innovative growth and impact maximization models that leverage network engagement and technology to solve and prevent priority problems organizations face, help them achieve their goals,  expand their business, brand, and influence in a way that expands their positive contributions to society and the environment.  

WIA Network brings together business and government leaders, researchers, doctors, engineers, executives, investors, entrepreneurs, teachers, innovators, journalists, celebrities, influencers, authors, programmers, analysts, as  well as specialists in defense, cybersecurity, disruptive technologies, sustainability, poverty reduction, and human  rights. 

  The goal of WIA is to improve the lives of as many people as possible, enhancing and expanding access to education, health, and economic development through tech for good, education innovation, advisory, advocacy, project  development, communication, policy recommendations, and multi-stakeholder public-private-social collaboration.  

WIA members include representatives of some of the world´s largest public and private organizations such as UN,  Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Airbnb, Vodafone, L´Oreal, Mastercard, Etisalat, Etihad, Iberia, OECD, EU, UNWTO,  WTTC, among others.  

WIA has provided services for and partnered with more than 130 large companies and institutions from 10 different countries in strategic advisory, innovation, social impact maximization, communication, and corporate and institutional relations.  

On the 12th of February of 2022, WIA organized its 1st General Assembly with the participation of the UN Global Compact, World Employment Confederation, World Humanitarian Forum, Coca-Cola, and other relevant public and private organizations. During the event, WIA launched the Skills for Growth initiative to provide upskilling to 1 million people globally, and the Connections for Growth program to connect individuals and organizations to create economic development opportunities, foster sustainability and collaborate on social impact projects.   e WIA 1st GA had the support of the UN Global Compact, Adecco, World Employment Confederation, World Humanitarian Forum, and other large public and private organizations.