WIA Education Commission has the goal of improving the current education system to make it more effective to help students adapt to an everchanging and disrupted economy. The current solutions don´t meet the demands of the market or the needs and aspirations of new generations, are not valid anymore to guarantee economic prosperity, nor they focus on helping students find their unique path to prosperity and live a healthy and positive life that has a clear sense of purpose to provide value back to society and the world.

1) Design and implement innovations that can help students get more skilled and able to a) Prosper b) be healthy and hapy c) provide value to society. WIA Education runs pilot programs in schools, universities and other education partners to test models and innovations, and then use success case studies to advocate for actual changes in public and private education organizatons

2) Creating extraordinarily practical open programs to help anyone, from young girls that do not have access to education to entire communities in rural areas, job seekers, veterans and people affected by disruption in the economy. This programs will be delivered both in online and offline formats, and include the most relevant skills in the new market, including: languages, marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, digital skills, public relations and networking, coding, ecommerce, money management, public speaking and applied research.