World Innovation Alliance – Improve Project


We face the negative effects of converging economic, social, political and moral crises, market transmormation, technological disruption, violence, polarization, racism, discrimination, inequality and wars that threaten our health and prosperity.

Close to 2 billion people still live in extreme poverty, 235 million people expected to require humanitarian assistance, 200 million people are currently unemployed, human rights violations making life a living hell for hundreds of millions more every year. 

The convergence of new technologies is only accelerating the massive transformation we were already experiencing before COVID, According to the World Economic Forum, up to 50% of jobs worldwide will change due to automation and new technologies, disrupting every industry and forcing an estimated 1.8 billion people to drastic upskilling or reskilling to adapt to the new job market. 

According to UNESCO, there are more than 260 million children that cannot go to school, and many more have limited access to proper education all around the world. Even having a good education is not a guarantee anymore of finding a job or career opportunities. The Pandemic has only worsened the situation. Especially for young girls and people in disadvantaged situations. 

The fundamental rights, security, and liberties of billions remain at stake. Global movements are demanding our leadership less words and more action, activists from all ages and citizens all around the world demand reform, and not just words. But this is not only a political problem. And we all need to play a crucial role in the solution. It is time for all of us to assume responsibility and use whatever resources, capacity and influence we may have, to improve our lives, and improve the world.

As overwhelming as it may be, we see extremely positive trends and countless solutions. Education, political reform, impact innovation models and public – private – public collaboration are the keys to solving the world´s biggest problems.

We can make things dramatically better if we assume responsibility, work together and fully leverage the extraordinary resources, knowledge and talent we have as a global team.

Oftentimes, we consider these challenges as someone else´s problem, as if they had nothing to do with us. But not only do these problems affect you and your organization directly, but also, all of us have the responsibility to do all we can to improve the

But, as distant as these problems may sometimes sound to us, the reality is that these problems will affect us all in very real and disruptive ways, and we are not ready. The world is changing more than ever and the individuals and organizations that will be able to thrive in this ever changing and disrupting new reality, is by understanding the new trends, adapting, innovating and providing as much value as possible to the market and society.

Businesses and organizations cannot fail to address 4 challenges in the new world if they want to survive. Questions regarding the why, what and how they operate.

  • Impact

Consumers and citizens are more and more engaged and demand real action and commitments. The organizations that make the biggest contributions to society and the planet will win.

  • Innovation

New technologies are revolutionizing every industry, from finance to manufacturing, services to healthcare. Radical innovation, agile transformation and the leverage of new technologies will be key.

  • Communication and connections

In the new information era, where we are oversaturated with thousands of messages every day, the battle for the market, is the battle for attention. Every organization is becoming a media outlet through social media, live streaming and content creation. If you are not able to communicate, if you cannot tell your story, if you are not heard, you do not exist. Communication is more important and more strategic than ever, Brands and institutions need BOLD moves and relevant actions that actually have an impact to convey their message and engage the public. Partnerships, business development and advocacy trough connections is now more important than ever

We all face serious problems and the risk of losing our jobs, our companies, our industries, our physical and mental wellbeing, our safety and security,  our economic prosperity, and even the very rights that we take for granted. Every problem is our common problem. 

We are in this together, and we need to do all we can to make things better. For us. For our loved ones. For everyone. 


The World Innovation Alliance is a private initiative that brings together leading companies, institutions, and influential leaders to find and apply specific scalable solutions with measurable results to the problems that affect the most negatively to the largest number of people in the world in Healthcare, Environment, Poverty, Human Rights and Education.

With an executive network of 1000 experts across all industries, and a community of more than 10.000 changemakers in more than 150 different countries, WIA researches, designs and applies specific solutions for global problems through the implementation of public private social collaborative projects to improve the lives of as many people as possible through tech for good,  education, political reform and multi stakeholder collaboration.

WIA is a global social impact community and a true force for good with representatives of hundreds of the largest public and private organizations in the world. An executive network of multidisciplinary changemakers from all sectors, including business and government leaders, researchers, doctors, engineers, investors, entrepreneurs, teachers, innovators, journalists, celebrities, influencers, authors, programmers, analysts, as well as specialists in defense, cybersecurity, disruptive technologies, sustainability, poverty reduction and human rights.

In order to solve complex problems, it is vital to bring together experts from different sectors and cross leverage resources to optimize the results of our impact work. That is why WIA network has experts across all industries, including new technologies, investment, finance, engineering, operations, management, marketing, public affairs, digitization and business development, distributed in 10 commissions: tech for good, health innovation, economic development, public sector, impact tourism,  media, culture and entertainment, new education, environment-biodiversity and safety, security and human rights. 

What do we do:

We help large companies and institutions to maximize positive impact while achieving their business or public service goals, supporting their mission through research, strategy, leadership training, communication, advocacy and project execution with our impact models and stakeholder value optimization framework

With our impact innovation labs, We research and design effective solutions and impact models for global problems in healthcare, environment, poverty, human rights and education, through Multidisciplinary collaboration, Bringing together experts of different fields, ages, countries and backgrounds.

We reverse engineer the optimal path to a solution from the current state, and use our impact and viability assessments to determine the priorities of our work. Focusing on the problems that affect the most negatively to the largest amounts of people, and the most scalable solutions that have the biggest potential and probability of addressing the issue successfully and with the lowest risk of negative consequences. Viability Assessment: Focusing on the most feasible solutions that require the least resources, investment, technology, political support, time and human power to implement.

WIA Labs” allow to us to gather tangible solutions, best practices, case studies, resources, opportunities and recommendations that we use to write our policy reform and corporate transformation proposals in our “Innovation Reform Acts” that we share in global advocacy campaigns with more than 100 governments and 2000 organizations in more than 120 different countries.

And we act: 

We aim to influence influential organizations to create a larger positive contribution to society by better leveraging their resources. But not only we design and advocate for solutions. We also act decisively, executing impactful  projects directly in collaboration with all types of stakeholders. 

Solutions without implementation are worthless. That is why we need an executive arm to fill voids of responsibility and action, and develop projects that are long overdue and that no one is assuming responsibility for. That is why we partner with key actors so we can lead together to implement solutions as effectively as possible.

We need concrete action plans with strict KPIs to achieve the most ambitious goals we can set to help as many people as possible to improve their lives. In order to do that, we develop global centralized projects to foster collaborative solutions optimizing resource allocation, avoiding duplicities and allowing for effective collaboration between all kinds of organizations and individuals. 

Through public – private – social collaboration we do not only leverage the resources and capabilities of governments, companies and other organizations, but also we empower millions of individuals that want to be a part of the solution but often don’t know what they can do, how to do it, or have the right incentive to do so. That is why we Break down big problems into smaller tasks and crowdsource the solution in exchange for valuable rewards to make the most of the capacity of our fellow citizens, employees and communities. 

We believe in inclusion and in the unlimited potential of what humanity can do if we work together. 

Because all of us have a role to play, all of us have knowledge, ideas, skills, resources and valuable time to create meaningful contributions. 

Improve project

This is precisely the strategy that will allow us to fulfill our mission and empower everyone to maximize the positive impact they generate in the world while achieving their goals: THE IMPROVE PROJECT: A global public – private – social collaborative initiative and joint CSR campaign for economic growth and education for all.

Set to become the world´s largest private social impact initiative, the Improve Project has the goal of improving and delivering practical education and economic opportunities for people that need them, reaching more than 100 million people in 100 countries. In collaboration with hundreds of public and private partners and thousands of experts, WIA will develop a total of 20 different pilot programmes and 8 international activities to help maximize wellbeing, impact and prosperity of as many people as possible in the coming years.

During the course of the initiative WIA will develop a total of 20 different Pilot programmes to achieve tangible results and expand its implementation through partnerships and advocacy. . The Practical application of scalable models  will be key to demonstrate the effectiveness and further expand the effects of our solutions in education innovation and economic development.

In total: 1 initiative, 3 projects, 10 commissions, 20 pilot programmes, connecting with 100 governments, 1000 organizations, 10000 experts and 

improvers, 100 million people reached in 140 countries 

Everything begins with education. Without access to the right education and skills for all, it will be impossible to reduce poverty, overcome the post pandemic economic crisis and face the job market disruption caused by the emergence of new technologies.

We need to improve and deliver quality and practical education to create economic growth and ensure the wellbeing and prosperity of our societies,  a reskilling and upskilling revolution at scale to be able to remain valuable in the new market. A new world where a robot or an AI tool can write an entire book, compose a symphony, detect an illness, buy and sell stocks, conduct a surgery or simulate scenarios to find the best possible political decision, and where self driving cars and other new technologies will force hundreds of millions to adapt and change careers. For that, we need a new education system, massive online and offline free skills capacitation for everyone.  And we need it fast. 

New Education Project

That is why we launch the New Education Project: the world´s largest education innovation and skill capacitation initiative to improve education and provide practical education to maximize wellbeing and prosperity for people of all ages in more than 100 countries

With the goal of Delivering quality practical education, reskilling and upskilling for as many people as possible all over the world WIA and its partners have developed the skills for growth program to help individuals of all backgrounds find better paths to economic growth and wellbeing.

The program allows everyone to discover and learn the most relevant skills to find economic prosperity, maximize their wellbeing and positive impact in a practical way. From mental health to e-commerce and entrepreneurship, from programming to sales, self awareness, strategy and project execution, we cover crucial skills and topics that are increasingly important and useful, but are normally not taught in formal education, and that have the maximum potential of benefiting the learners and their communities.

The programs include original content developed by WIA experts and partners, as well as curated courses with top educators in actionable skills and knowledge that can help anyone to have a better and more impactful life.

In order to expand the penetration of our programs, WIA will translate contents to 5 different languages, and work alongside different institutions and NGOs to deliver them to as many people as possible, targeting, especially but not only, kids without access to quality education, refugees and unemployed people in difficult economic situations.

In the course of the project, WIA will deliver 5 million dollars of scholarship value since the totality of our programs and our curated content will be available for free for people in need.

To further distribute the content of our programmes WIA will:


1)Provide Universal online access +

2) Organize a Massive Open Online Courses in collaboration with universities, schools and institutions


But we cannot forget about the millions of people that do not have yet access to the internet, since it is precisely them, the ones that have the biggest need, and face the greatest challenges to access education

To help them WIA will deliver the programmes through:

3)WIA local members, individual collaborators and partnerships with local agencies and institutions in more than 30 countries

4) “online 2 offline”: Downloading the programme contents in local centers and conventions to allow participants to copy and distribute the information device to device, since many people do have devices but cannot afford paying internet connection.

5) Lastly, for communities that may not have the possibility of using devices or accessing our contents, WIA is creating a textbook version of the skills for growth programme, the world´s first book on skills and economic development for people in need.

IMPROVE CHALLENGE: Improve Yourself, Improve the World Campaign

  • “Improve Challenge: Massive international impact communication campaign” to promote the brands of our partners and impulse social impact
  • The communication effort distributes free skill capacitation, training resources and development opportunities for people of all ages, as well as concrete impact actions so everyone can “Improve themselves, and improve the world”


  • Improve challenge is a global social impact communication campaign with hundreds of celebrities, influencers, media outlets, events, experiences, social media actions and partnerships to empower citizens to become a part of the solution for the UN SDGs, reaching more than 200 million people through the power of music, sports, art, videogames and all forms of culture and entertainment.


  • Under the values of a society with “NOBORDERS”, the “Improve Yourself Improve the World” campaign promotes the improve Movement, the social movement of improvers, changemakers that want to be a part of a solution, under the sign of infinite, the only symbol that represents us all, that represent all races, cultures and nationalities, that speaks about the unlimited potential of a united humanity


  • Everyone will be able to participate sharing their experiences, ideas, solutions and actions to improve themselves and improve the world, from their journey of personal development, to the collaborative discovery of new ways to create better societies, expressed in form of a photograph, a dance, a video massage, a poem, a piece of art… with contests, awards, prizes, recognitions, giveaways and rewards for everyone


Education is key but without connections nothing can happen. Information,  Knowledge and skills are powerful tools, but without value exchange and collaboration with other people and organizations, no solution can be found or implemented, no job can be created, no project can be launched and no impact can be attained. 

That is why we launch the Crossing borders initiative to foster “Connections for Human and Economic growth”  

Crossing borders is a global hybrid business and cultural exchange program for individuals and organizations to create economic prosperity, impulse social impact and protect human rights

Crossing borders unites, through digital exchange, trips and physical interactions, kids from schools of different cultures, university students from different countries, representatives from companies and institutions of different sectors and individuals of the most diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise with the goal of generating concrete opportunities to improve their lives and their organizations results.

Through crossing borders we help find and apply concrete solutions to improve the world in a way that is beneficial to all the parties involved. Connections between job seekers and recruiters, investors and entrepreneurs, service providers and clients, people with problems, and people with the capacity of solving them. 

Crossing borders creates economic opportunities for all the individuals and organizations that participate, Connecting thousands of individuals and organizations to help finding and creating new jobs and reducing poverty. Providing jobs, scholarships, volunteering, entrepreneurship, investment, funding, support and expansion opportunities for individuals, businesses and organizations. 

Connections with public and private organizations to impulse business development, trade expansion, investment and tourism attraction,internationalization and cross sector partnerships. 

Through regular digital and physical exchange programmes between students and professionals of different countries, races and religions, to not only collaborate on SDG action, but we are able to Fight hate, racism and all forms of discrimination, foster our shared Human Values, protect Human rights, build bridges, and create valuable connections with extraordinary individuals with whom we all share so much, from all over the world, that can help you live a more meaningful life, and find future career development opportunities in other markets.

Crossing borders protects human rights. Having just one friend in a community reduces up to 60 percent the chances that you will hate the entire group. That means that having one muslim friend will make us view 1.8 billion people with better eyes, one black friend and will respect more 1.2 billion people, one Asian person in our lives, and we will hate less 4.5 billion people. Imagine a global digital erasmus, where all students of all ages could meet constantly and share about their lives. Imagine the potential benefits of expanding this initiative to almost everyone thanks to technology; what our world would look like if our citizens spoke constantly with people from different religions, races and backgrounds. 

How do we do it? 

With 10 pilot programs that involve schools, universities, companies and governments of dozens of countries, with intergenerational, intercultural, cross sectorial exchanges of children, youth and Professionals, with volunteer day action, hackathons, growthathons, a massive job fair, investment pitching sessions, b2b business matching and impact tourism experiences to allow travellers to be part of the solution for our global problems.

Our next steps WIA Activities 

WIA  General Assembly to coordinate all members and partners, optimize strategy and deploy our action plan 

Innovation Labs to assess best practices and solutions

Innovation Reform Acts, with specific proposals on tech for good, new education, health innovation and digital governance 

Advocacy Campaign to impulse our reform acts and impact models

WIA Hybrid Impact Global Summit: with massive digital and physical networking events where we will facilitate thousands of interactions of potential opportunities. 

WIA Awards, where we will introduce our top 1000 leaders for a better world, solutions for a better world and the awardees of the categories of awards on impact and innovation in 10 different sectors 

Partnerships: Joint events and activities with collaborators of all sectors 

WIA X:  Local events organized by WIA Network members

Improve Centers: Physical spaces all over the world, where people can connect, learn skills and collaborate in social impact / Growthathon 

Improve OS: AI driven platform to crowdsource tasks to solve the world´s problems in exchange of rewards to impulse collaboration of individuals and organizations for the UN SDGS.