The New Education Project

In order to help Governments, Education Institutions and individuals of all ages to face the technological and economic disruption of the following years that will change up to 50% of the World´s jobs according to the World Economic Forum, WIA will launch in 2021 the New Education Project.

Its goal is to help organizations and citizens to be better prepared with the skills the new market requires, and the values that can help us unite to face our common challenges, in moments of crisis and unprecedented change. The New Education Project is set to be the world´s largest education innovation initiative, focused on improving the education system and providing free practical skills capacitation for people in more than 100 countries.

Specific proposals for a more effective education system

The New Education Project will bring together a group of international multidisciplinary experts to research the best practices from Governments, Universities, Schools, Edtechs, innovations and practical solutions that can help improve the education system, facilitate a more effective learning model to accelerate the reskilling revolution and introduce the findings and recommendations to Governments of 100 different countries with specific policy proposals.


Scalable pilot project implementation

The New Education Project will develop several education projects as concept models to recommend its implementation at a larger scale, like the “Crossing Borders” initiative, allowing kids from schools of different countries and cultural backgrounds have regular videocalls to exchange ideas and learn from each other, which can help reducing discrimination and enhancing global citizenship, skills and an international network that will be relevant for their future development.

Other concepts, like using public schools as “skill training centers” for all ages after the classes end to help with reskilling, or including SDG action tasks as the main assignment of different subjects in schools and universities to learn by doing, and working on real projects that actually have an impact in making the world better to leverage the creativity and hard work of millions of talented youths, will be implemented as pilot projects to advocate for further implementation by Administrations and Education institutions.

Education for all

In the course of the project, WIA will deliver 2 million dollars of scholarship value of its “Skills for growth” program, specifically designed to help people in need to acquire practical skills that can help them to find economic prosperity, such as coding, entrepreneurship, ecommerce, sales or marketing. The totality of our programs and our curated content will be available for free for people in need, working alongside different institutions and NGOs to deliver them to as many people as possible, targeting, especially but not only, kids without access to quality education, refugees and unemployed people in difficult economic situations.


As part of the initiative, WIA will launch a global communication campaign to spread awareness of the importance of lifelong learning and upskilling, provide resources and methodologies to learn knowledge and skills faster in a more engaging way and enhance wellbeing, impact and prosperity, through mass media, digital advertising, social media, influencers, celebrities, music video and social media challenges. The first phase of the project will last 2 years, finishing in the New Education Global Summit 2022, where WIA and its partners will introduce the key outcomes of the projects, best practices, solutions and recipients of the WIA Education Innovation Awards.

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