WIA Personalised projects

WIA Services personalised project: WIA experts will provide a custom made social impact strategy and action plan for its partners, including consulting, training and a global communication campaign focused on social contributions aligned with the main issues and strategic priorities of public and private partners.

This may include tourism destination promotion, poverty alleviation, engage local communities and help them sale products and promoting ethnic minority cultures, clean natural spaces affected by human activity, startup competitions to look for solutions for problems, global contests and social media challenges to advocate for animal protection or gender equality, public, private and social cooperation to advance in cures for health issues and others. Initiatives will be developed in collaboration with partners to provide value to the partnerĀ“s interests while generating the biggest possible positive impact in society and the environment.


  1. Maximize the positive contribution of your organization in society and the environment
  2. Support the current efforts of your organization in social impact and CSR
  3. Support the positioning of your organization as a leader in social impact initiatives, strategies, campaigns and results
  4. Implement successful projects and campaigns that help solve problems and provide clear value to all stakeholders
  5. Help align the CSR and social impact strategy with your organizationĀ“s main activity, priorities, future development, image or brand, products and services
  6. Communicate effectively the positive work of your organization to your target audience and relevant stakeholders with creative, innovative and powerful campaigns with state of the art communication concepts that leverage all the available outreach channels and content formats

WIA Personalised Value Proposition

Social Impact Innovation Global CSR Campaign