WIA Future school is an Innovative executive training, coaching, and Team Building firm devoted to Improve large public and private organizations to achieve their goals while maximizing their positive impact in the world.

WIA Future School has already provided training sessions to dozens of large companies and institutions accross different industries in multiple markets, touching the lives of more than 20.000 people.

WIA Future School is specialized in Technology, Innovation, Social Impact, People Development and Growth Maximization, leveraging new models of delivery, methodologies, simulations, real world improvements and solutions for the greatest challenges organizations and professionals face. With its exponential development framework,

WIA provides not only critically important up to date practical content adapted to different industries and markets, but also personalised advisory, one on one application coaching, innovative team building actions and key strategic recommendations that emerge from a process of co-creation with our clients, based on our experience and our selection of the top best practices and case studies from all industries at a global level.

WIA Future School operates with a Network of 1000 multidisciplinary experts from 150 different countries, and leverages more than 800 Impact Innovation Models, methodologies, frameworks, solutions, improvements, innovations, project concepts, best practices and strategies to Maximize Growth, Social Impact and Resource Optimization

Connections Maximization Program

Connections maximization program, masterclasses and transformational experiences to expand your network, create partnerships, grow your business, achieve your goals. Learn how to create new connections, nurture them, provide value to them and ultimately, create a long lasting impact while you fulfill your potential. Break the limitations of not having the right contacts. Learn how to interact with different types of profiles and stakeholders. Master international, intercultural, intergenerational, cross-sector, interdepartmental and cross function relations. Gain access to new spheres of influence, adapt your value proposition to different sectors and types of organizations.

Master in Business Innovation

The WIA Future School Master in Business Innovation is a unique program that helps companies maximize business innovation. The program is designed to help companies develop new business models and optimize resource allocation. The program is led by experienced executives who have extensive experience in business innovation. The program is open to companies of all sizes, and the curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of each company. The program includes workshops, lectures, and case studies, and participants will have the opportunity to learn from the experts and apply what they learned to their own businesses. The program is an excellent way for companies to learn about the latest innovations in business and to develop strategies for maximizing business innovation.

Tech Maximization Program

Learn how to make the most out of the available technologies and how to apply emerging technologies for all sectors, professions and functions, with a special focus on the utilization of technology for social impact. Concrete examples of the most valuable applications of new technologies in all fields, including the current state of technologies such as AI, Robotics, 3D printing, drones, autonomous vehicles, blockchain, Mixed Reality or biotech. How to use technology to improve people’s lives, enhance productivity, foster growth, solve problems and improve governance, healthcare, education and face crucial challenges in a more effective and scalable way.