World Innovation Alliance 1st General Assembly Leading Impact Innovation Action for a Better World

This past 12th of February, the World Innovation Alliance celebrated its 1st General Assembly to bring together companies, institutions, experts and representatives from many of the world’s leading organizations to create new partnership opportunities, learn about effective scalable solutions for the UNSDGs and work together to improve and expand access to education, healthcare and economic development through innovation, policy, upskilling and collaboration. We were honored to welcome friends, members and partners from all over the world to be a part of this historic moment for us, that we believe will mark a relevant step forward towards our common goals, in a meeting that united people from all backgrounds, races, religions, cultures and ages, that want to contribute to society and protect the environment.

We learned from the extraordinary work of the United Nations Global Compact, Coca-Cola, Adecco and the World Employment Confederation, the World Humanitarian Forum, the Young Entrepreneurs Organization of the European Union, as well as members and leaders of startups, NGOs, public institutions, media groups, influencers and remarkable changemakers. 

We introduced the WIA network with more than 1000 impact leaders, experts and social entrepreneurs from 150 different countries, and participate in the inauguration of the WIA Skills for Growth and Connections for Growth initiatives to upskill 1 million people and create 200.000 connections to foster economic development, innovation, and social impact.

Carlos Sentís, World Innovation Alliance Inaugural Speech

Leading organizations and delegates from 100 countries 

The WIA 1st General Assembly gathered more than 300 delegates from 100 different countries and industries coming from leading organizations in the public and private sectors. Among the registered participants we had representatives of the United Nations, UNICEF, UN Global Compact , European Parliament, European Commission, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Meta, VMWare, Telefónica, Vodafone, Coca-Cola, World Health Organization, P&G, Unilever, L´Oreal, Novartis, PWC, KPMG, Falabella, Huawei, Mastercard, Banco Santander, Iberia, United Nations World Tourism Organization, Lego, Siemens, OECD, SAP, IESE Business School and others.

Behind the Scenes – World Innovation Alliance 1st General Assembly

Presentation in the Metaverse 

During the event, WIA introduced its Digital Headquarters and virtual stage in the metaverse, thanks to Global Alumni a company that is pioneering education innovation with the world’s top universities including MIT, Cambridge, Harvard or Chicago, Led by its CEO Pablo Rivas, the company has already provided executive education to more than 100.000 people. The event was hosted in the Global Bridge, an education lab and high tech VR Live studio with AR capabilities and a massive video wall that connected members and students from all over the world in a seamless hybrid experience.

World Innovation Alliance Presentation 

A network of impact makers, social entrepreneurs and experts in 150 countries 

More than 200 Impact and growth maximization models for companies and institutions

WIA Designs, curates, implaments and advocates for solutions for the UNSDGs
World Innovation Alliance Lines of action 
WIA Incubator, Improve Experts, Improve centers and innovative education models
WIA General Assembly Agenda 

Speakers and participants

The meeting featured a total of 15 speakers and another 20 members that had the opportunity to share their vision and impact work coming from  Afghanistan, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, United States, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, UK, Netherlands, China, India, Perú, Mexico, Canada, Liberia, Sweden, Australia, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Madagascar and more.

Speakers coming from different sectors and WIA Commissions including tech for good, healthcare innovation, impact tourism, education, public sector or the environment, and shared specific practical solutions, best practices, policy recommendations and impactful case studies to inspire and enable action to achieve the UNSDGs in the most effective and scalable way possible. Speakers representing international organizations, humanitarian action, NGOs, startup incubators, tech companies, large corporations, the healthcare industry, employment, youth engagement, legacy media and digital influencers to integrate the potential of different stakeholders, creating new value by leveraging the combined resources and strengths of professional spaces that are often isolated from one another.

Speakers included: Dan ThomasUnited Nations Global Compact Chief Communications Officer, Feraye OzfesciogluWorld Humanitarian Forum CEO, Bettina Schaller, SVP Head Group Public Affairs the The Adecco Group and World Employment Confederation President, Carlos SentísWorld Innovation Alliance – Improve OS Founder and CEO

As well as WIA Network experts: Alberto Carvalho NetoJEUNE – Young Entrepreneurs Organization of the European UnionShereen ShaheenThe Coca-Cola Company Head of Sustainability and Public Policy North Africa, Aradhana Khowala, Founder and CEO Aptamind PartnersSusanne Baars, MSc, MA. Siemens Healthineers Sr Global Thought Leader for expanding precision medicine and Founder of Social Genomics, Martina Fuchs, TV Anchor and Business Journalist, Xinhua News Agency and CGTN, John Kamara, Founder and CEO Afyarekod, Ada Labs, AI Center of Excellence, Ahmad Imam, Host and Digital Influencer coaching more than 1 million people through Linkedin, Jason Pareja, One Young World Community Engagement Lead for Latin America, Shamim Nabuuma Kaliisa, developing AI solutions to cure cancer and prevent food waste and Raashi Anand, CEO of the NGO Lakshyam helping poor communities in India.

WIA gave the stage to share the story of Amiri Nasrin, a 18 year old girl activist from Afghanistan whose father was assassinated by the Taliban, Dr. Amit Kumar, President of Being AI and former President of Hanson Robotics, Chief Scientist of Softbank Robotics and the CTO behind Sophia the robot, Abdul Razak-Isak, teaching literacy to children in Ghana, Marekhi , founder and CEO of Kant’s Academy, an education innovation initiative providing upskilling and entrepreneurship education to hundreds of young students in Georgia, Dr Amit Sharma, leading sustainability in Abercrombie and Fitch in India,  Phumza Dyani, helping poor communities with digital inclusion and economic development opportunities in rural areas in South Africa, among others.

Public – Private Collaboration to Achieve the UNSDGs by Dan Thomas, United Nations Global Compact Chief Communications Officer

United Nations Global Compact 

Dan Thomas, Chief Communications Officer of UN Global Compact, shared the work of the organization and examples of how businesses are incorporating the sustainable development goals into corporate practice and setting ambitious goals to tackle complex challenges on economic development, human rights, labor rights, environment protection, fighting against corruption, the importance of innovation and business solutions.

The UN Global Compact is the United Nations body devoted to unify and mobilize the private sector and society around the 17 SDGs, with more than 10.000 companies and 3000 non business participants that have already embraced the commitments of the UN Global Compact, covering nearly 100 million employees across 160 countries with its 69 local networks.

UN Global Compact targets 15.000 CEOs and leaders worldwide to accelerate business action to achieve sustainable development goals, more ambitious climate and sustainability targets, providing corporate sustainability and responsible business practices, resources, training and guidance.

During his intervention, Dan Thomas presented a short film United Nations Global Compact video featuring, among others, Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, Amina J. Mohammed, United Nations Deputy Secretary General, Sanda Ojiambo, CEO and Executive Director of the UN Global Compact, as well as Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Chairman & CEO, Schneider Electric and Sharan Burrow, General Secretary, International Trade Union Confederation.

UN Global Compact Uniting Business for a Better World
Effective Humanitarian Actions by Feraye Ozfescioglu, World Humanitarian Forum CEO
Job Creation and the Future of Work by Bettina Schaller, SVP Head Group Public Affairs the The Adecco Group and World Employment Confederation President
Effective impact solutions and Calls to action for Governments and Companies by Shereen Shaheen, The Coca-Cola Company Head of Sustainability and Public Policy North Africa
Entrepreneurship, youth and social impact by Alberto Carvalho Neto, JEUNE – Young Entrepreneurs Organization of the European Union.
Health for all: Advancing health innovation through Multi Stakeholder collaboration by Susanne Baars, MSc, MA. Siemens Healthineers Sr Global Thought Leader for expanding precision medicine and Founder of Social Genomics – Genomics and Multi Stakeholder collaboration for Healthcare Research
Communication for Social Impact by Martina Fuchs, TV Anchor and Business Journalist, Xinhua News Agency and CGTN.
Leveraging AI, Blockchain, Coding and Startups for the future of Africa by John Kamara, Founder and CEO Afyarekod, Ada Labs, AI Center of Excellence.
Keys to effective action by NGOs by Rashi Anand, Founder an CEO Lakshyam.
Impact Tourism by Aradhana Khowala, Founder and CEO Aptamind Partners.
Influence and communication for good by Ahmad Imam, TV and Radio Host, Coaching more than 1 million people through Linkedin – Coaching 1 million people.
Angela Qi – World Innovation Alliance 1st General Assembly Event Host, Project Director at World Innovation Alliance.
AI for Healthcare and Food Waste Prevention by Shamim Nabuuma Kaliisa, Bloomberg New Economy Catalyst at Chil AI Lab.
Education for economic development in Latin America by Jason Pareja Jauregui, Founder of Vive Tu Futuro (Live your Future) and OYW Community engagement lead for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Future School Masterclass: Innovation, Strategy, Execution and Growth – Skills for Growth – Growth maximization, resource optimization, network development, technology and innovation leverage Masterclass by Carlos Sentís.

WIA Future School Masterclass: Purpose, Potential, Strategy, Execution 

At the end of the conference, Carlos Sentís, delivered a masterclass on integrating wellbeing, social impact and economic prosperity, with concrete strategies and recommendations to fulfill purpose and potential. During his lecture, Mr Sentís shared some of the key skills for the future of work, including entrepreneurship, digital skills, networking, public speaking and project management. Besides WIA members and participants of the WIA General Assembly, 100 students from RIIM Pune Business School in India joined the session.

Carlos Sentís has lectured in 19 different universities and business schools in different countries, and inspired more than 35000 people from more than 164 countries in events, sessions and lectures. He mentors professionals of all ages from all over the world.

WIA has already provided upskilling, coaching and mentorship to over 30.000 people

Spanish Singer Ambar Garcés Performance during the WIA General Assembly

Ambar Garcés interpreted Heal the world in the WIA Digital Stage 

What is WIA? 

The World Innovation Alliance is a social impact innovation network, consultancy and project incubator to help companies, governments and individuals to maximize growth and their contributions to society.

An international, multidisciplinary, intercultural and cross-generational initiative with 1000 experts from 150 countries to improve and expand access to education, health and economic development through technology, upskilling, policy and multi-stakeholder collaboration.

WIA helps large companies and institutions to maximize positive impact while achieving their business or public service goals, supporting their mission through research, strategy, leadership training, communication, advocacy and project execution with our impact models and stakeholder value optimization framework

For the last 10 years WIA´s leadership has worked for more than 130 public and private organizations among different industries, providing consulting, concrete action plans, executing projects and delivering a wide range of services, dozens of events and communication campaigns, creating thousands of connections, generating more than 1500 media impacts and more than 110 million social media interactions in different campaigns, reaching 200 million combined followers and viewers through influencer and TV promotion actions in 10 different countries.

Some of our past clients include L´Oreal, Alibaba, PWC, Huawei, Tiktok, LaLiga, Real Madrid, Dior, Chanel, Tencent, Telefónica, Coca-Cola, IE Business School, GTBank Africa, Aena Airports, Iberia, Air China,, Value Retail, HNA Group, Dentons, Correos, Asisa, Kiehl’s, the Royal Theatre of Madrid, FCC as well as the Governments of Mexico, Peru, Liberia, Egypt, China, Spain and Portugal, among others.

WIA’s Value proposition

WIA provides a bespoke service offering with training, consulting, project development, and sponsorship of multistakeholder initiatives for social impact solution implementation with global advocacy and communication campaigns.

1) Training: Executive education training and coaching with unique content, methodology and experience based learning on mental and physical wellbeing, technology and innovation business and career growth skills and social impact maximization.

2) Consulting: Strategy and services on branding and communication, corporate, institutional and public affairs, impact consulting, technology and innovation maximization.

3) Project development: Bespoke project, communication or advocacy campaign development.

4) WIA Initiatives sponsorship: Besides the work we do for our clients, we develop global public-private-social partnership initiatives for social impact to improve and expand access to economic development and education, with the goal of expanding growth for society while benefiting the interests of our sponsors and partners. Initiatives like the WIA Impact Innovation Global Summit 

Expected to take place in Decenver 2022, the WIA Impact Innovation Global Summit is a hybrid action oriented multi-stakeholder forum with more than 500 speakers, that will bring together leaders of the public and private sector to advocate for solutions, best practices and policies, seek commitments and create new partnerships to achieve the UNSDGs.

We are working to make it the world’s largest Executive Upskilling, business development, job creation, partnership building and UNSDGs solution curation and implementation event with vertical commission summits, including healthcare, technology and finance for good.

WIA  Impact Innovation Global Summit

The world’s largest Executive Upskilling, business development, job creation, partnership building and UNSDGs solution curation and implementation event.

The World Innovation Alliance will celebrate in December 2022 the WIA Impact Innovation Global Summit to advocate for solutions for the UNSDGs with 500 leaders from the public and private sector is expected to become the leading event on impact innovation to introduce concrete scalable solutions for some of the most pressing world problems.

WIA Hybrid Global Impact Innovation Summit: with massive digital and physical networking activities to facilitate thousands of interactions and potential partnership opportunities for growth, innovation and social impact.

An event with thousands of offline and online attendees, replicated with WIA X events in, at least, other 5 different countries simultaneously, with the participation of Governments, large companies, media groups, foundations, universities, digital influencers, NGOs, social entrepreneurs and tech startups with the goal of finding, advocating for and implementing practical solutions, creating partnerships, new business opportunities and achieving new commitments that can lead to measurable results for society, and benefit all the stakeholders involved.

Apply to become a speaker, partner, attendee or award nominee

A summit with leading representatives of some of the most influential organizations, with potential partners and clients, designed to help find new talent, new business opportunities, best practices, innovative solutions, startups, tech providers and resources to enable companies to fulfill its aspirations, considering operations, product design and technology, and enabling the companies’ leadership to introduce it to high level stakeholders and communicate it to society through the most effective communication channels.

The event will collaborate with a number of universities and institutions to allow the youth to be part of the action, to receive practical skills for development and to co-create the future of health, education and economic development.

WIA Impact Innovation Awards & Top 1000 leaders for a better world list 

During the event worldwide leaders from all sectors will present the featured best practices and the results of the first stage of the initiative in the Impact Innovation Global Summit, where WIA will recognize the “top 1000 leaders for a better world”, the recipients of the Impact Innovation Awards in 10 different commissions, and the next steps in the WIA Impact Innovation Initiaitve and vision to support the UNSDGs and the 2030 Agenda. 

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