About the tour

IE – WIA Leadership Innovation Day is a space for collaboration for companies and institutions, to explore paths towards personal and professional development to be prepared to drive positive change assuming full responsibility and taking advantage of all the technological, human and economic resources at our disposal.

IE Leadership Innovation Day in Numbers

20 High Level Speakers representing large and influential International and Egyptian organizations
9 Business School Masterclasses
600 professionals, executives and representatives of companies and institutions
9 Networking events
Dozens of key strategies and innovative best practices for your organization


Effective leadership to drive innovation and social impact in the public and private sector.

Participants will learn dozens of concrete strategies to maximize business growth, career development and social impact.

This session includes practical applications of new technologies and resource optimization. Both key to developing a moral and effective leadership to improve results, organizations and communities.


Drive innovation to make the world a better place through education and multi-stakeholder collaboration

Goals of the event

1) Train government and company leaders to improve their ability to thrive and create positive impact in a disrupting world
2) Explore practical solutions for job creation, economic development and ways to face converging crises and technological disruption in the market and society
3) Create collaboration opportunities between organizations to drive innovation, launch new projects and action
4) Invite participants to partner and join IE University and IE Business School, the World Innovation Alliance and their partners
5) Learn about the contributions of high level speakers, including representatives of the Senate, large corporations and government institutions

About IE University and IE Business School

Founded in 1973, IE is one of the world´s leading education institutions, with over 60.000 alumni from 170 different countries, and more than 8000 students enrolled yearly in its University in Madrid and Segovia.

IE is an innovative institution that makes an impact. We prepare students for the world today and the world of tomorrow, providing them with the relevant knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

IE offers a technology-based learning ecosystem, training the leaders of tomorrow to make positive change through innovation, a global vision, an entrepreneurial mindset and a unique focus on the humanities.

IE offers programs for lifelong learning. Students can choose from undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate programs along with executive education programs for the busiest professionals.

Many of our programs have been developed in partnership with other prestigious universities, such as Brown, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Northwestern University, MIT, Yale and more. We also participate in top associations worldwide to make sure we stay at the forefront of innovative education. (APSIA Association of Schools of International affairs, AACSB International Advancing Quality, Global Business Education)

Our programs and teaching methodology are at the forefront of integrating technology with education. We are the first higher education institution to continuously create, modify and shape new programs based on trends and current needs in the working world. Our programs prepare students to take advantage of real opportunities now and in the future; our disruptive programs train future leaders and changemakers.

+ 30 Postgraduate programs
+ 500 Professors
+ 60K Alumni from 165 countries
+130 nationalities on campus
30 offices worldwide
+150 large companies recruit at IE Anual Talent Forum


Carlos Sentís is a social entrepreneur, consultant and lecturer on innovation, education, communication, social impact and international relations. Founder and CEO of the World Innovation Alliance, Member of the Steering Committee OECD EECOLE, Board Member of the World Humanitarian Forum, Presidential Advisor to JEUNE, Young Entrepreneurs Organization of the EU, Advisor to Lakshyam NGO India, AI Center of Excellence Kenya, and Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum.

Carlos worked as a consultant and advisor for more than 100 large companies and institutions from different sectors and has collaborated with OECD, United Nations World Tourism Organization, World Humanitarian Forum, World Youth Forum, China Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Egypt Ministry of Foreign Affairs, among others.

Carlos Created and curated 800 frameworks to maximize wellbeing, social impact, innovation, growth, and people development. Written +3.000 pages about strategies to improve organizations, impact, and personal and professional development.

🔹Consultant for more than 130 large companies and institutions from multiple sectors including Radisson Hotel Group, L´Oreal, Alibaba, PWC, Huawei, Tiktok, LaLiga, Real Madrid, Dior, Chanel, Tencent, Coca-Cola, GTBank, China Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Aena Airports, Iberia, Paradores, Correos, Asisa, Kiehl’s, the Royal Theatre of Madrid, FCC, Air China, JD.com, Value Retail, National and regional Governments of Spain, Perú, México, Egypt, Portugal, China, Liberia and EU institutions.

International Speaker (300 sessions in more than 15 different countries to more than 36000 people, speaker for OECD, EU, UNWTO, WTTC, JCI, Net Impact, World Youth Forum, World Happiness Fest, lectures in 18 different universities)

Communication campaigns with a total of 300 million people reached, working with 110+ influencers with +150 million combined followers, achieving +120 million social media interactions and 200 million views from celebrity reality shows.

Featured in media more than 1500 times in Spain, Morocco, India, Egypt, China, Portugal, Colombia and other countries, including in Forbes, DMC TV, TVE, A3TV, EFE, Xinhua, CCTV, Antena 3, ABC, Expansión, El País, El Mundo, Europa Press, Al Hayah TV, RNE and many others.
About the World Innovation Alliance

The World Innovation Alliance is a private organization that brings together companies, institutions and more than 1000 experts from 150 different countries to design, curate and implement scalable solutions for priority problems of the UNSDGs through technology, education, multi-stakeholder collaboration, policy reforms, advocacy and communication campaigns with concrete impact calls to action to empower individuals and organizations to maximize wellbeing, impact and economic prosperity.

The World Innovation Alliance is a social impact innovation network, strategic consultancy, and project incubator to help companies, governments, and individuals to maximize growth and their contributions to society. An international, multidisciplinary, intercultural, and cross-generational initiative with leaders, experts and social entrepreneurs devoted to improving and expanding access to education, health, and economic development through technology, upskilling, policy and public-private-social partnerships.

WIA has developed more than 500 innovative growth and impact maximization models that leverage network engagement and technology to solve and prevent priority problems organizations face, help them achieve their goals, expand business, brand, and influence in a way that expands their positive contributions to society and the environment.

WIA Network brings together business and government leaders, researchers, doctors, engineers, executives, investors, entrepreneurs, teachers, innovators, journalists, celebrities, influencers, authors, programmers, analysts, as well as specialists in defense, cybersecurity, disruptive technologies, sustainability, poverty reduction, and human rights.

In 2022 WIA organized its 1st General Assembly in the metaverse with the support and participation of the UN Global Compact, Adecco, World Employment Confederation World Humanitarian Forum, Coca-Cola, One Young World, and representatives from some of the world’s leading public and private organizations, as well as members from 100 different countries.

WIA is developing the Skills for Growth Initiative to upskill 1 million people worldwide, curating and advocating for policy reforms to improve the education system and expand access to economic development opportunities through high level partnerships and strategic projects implementation.